Let's swim outdoors

Why swim outdoors, and what sessions can you book?

Open water swimming, also called outdoor or wild swimming, means swimming in a natural or human-made body of water that's open to the elements, unheated and untreated with chemicals. It can be a lake, sea, tidal pool, river, stream, tarn or loch.

As well as the benefitting your fitness, coordination and strength, swimming in open water is good for your mental well-being, mood, ability to deal with stress, and it regulates sleep and appetite. It's joyful, uplifting and wonderful for your self-esteem.

It's also a great leveller. You don't have to be an athlete to enjoy the benefits of swimming outdoors. Young, old, big, small, able-bodied or not, it really is an activity for all.

Have a look at the sessions that you can book.

  • April to October


    What are your outdoor swimming goals? You may have a challenge to train for, want to swim front crawl more smoothly or simply gain confidence in open water.

    Whoever you are, and whatever you want to do, this session is tailored to you. We will start by talking about your goals, and then get into the water and take it from there.

    £30 for 30 mins

    £45 for 45 mins

  • June to September

    One-to-ones for 12-18 year olds

    Getting teenagers to enjoy exercise can be a challenge. If your teens have become bored with lane swimming and don't want to join a squad, outdoor swimming is a fun, challenging alternative. In this session, they'll learn how to swim smoothly in open water and learn water safety.

    £30 for 30 minutes

  • April to October

    Private groups

    Are you training for a challenge with a group? Perhaps you and a friend have taken up outdoor swimming together. This session is for two to four people who have similar goals and want to learn together. 

    We'll start with a briefing on the side and continue in the water. It helps if you have agreed your focus for the session before you arrive.

    £60 for 45 minutes

  • October to March

    Winter one-to-ones

    Want to learn all about winter swimming? This session starts with a talk lakeside about the benefits of winter swimming, how to acclimatise, and how to stay safe. You will then get a dip lasting up to 1 minute per degree of temperature. I will then stay with you until you have warmed up safely. NB, no first-timers once temperatures reach single figures.

    £30 for 30 minutes

  • April to June and October to November

    Taster sessions

    Curious but unsure how to begin? Taster sessions are a great introduction to swimming outdoors. In the spring and early summer, it's all about swimming in open water. In October and November, it's about winter swimming and acclimatising safely. Each session begins with a talk before you're guided in the water.

    £15 for an hour

  • June to September

    Family sessions

    Outdoor swimming is great fun for the whole family, and these sessions help parents or carers learn how to teach their children to swim in open water. The emphasis is on having fun and learning how to be safe in and around open water.

    It's suitable for families of any size but do read up on guidance for adult-to-child ratios when you book

    £30 for 30 minutes

  • June to September

    Additional needs

    Swimming is a great leveller. People whose movement is limited or impaired on land can find great freedom in the water. If you have a disability, I can adapt this session for you. It's priced in the same way as a one-to-one, and if you need or want to bring the person who supports you, they go free. The session is very flexible to suit your needs.

    £30 for 30 minutes

    £40 for 45 minutes

  • May to September

    Beat your fears

    This session is especially for those who are nervous or fearful of open water. You may have never swum outdoors before, you may be scared of what lies beneath. In this session, I will join you in the water, guiding you and supporting you as you do the bravest thing imaginable! It's all about water safety and opening up to a whole new world of experience

    £30 for 30 minutes

  • April to September

    Outdoor swimming skills

    These group sessions focus on front crawl technique for open water. You'll learn how to swim more smoothly and efficiently in open water, practise open water skills like sighting, buoy turns and race starts, and have fun swimming with others. You need to be able to swim 250m (10 lengths) front crawl and be confident in open water.

    £15 for an hour

  • May to September


    Mermaids is a five or six-week course with a focus on smoother swimming for better wellbeing. Each week, we'll focus on a different element of swimming from breathing and alignment to core and propulsion.

    We start with Pilates-yoga inspired exercise on the side of the lake that reflects that week's theme, followed by a session in the water. You'll also enjoy the company of a group.

    £60 for 6 weeks 

    £50 for 5 weeks

  • June to September

    Sea swims

    The sea at Clevedon is pretty awesome! It not only has the third highest tidal range in the world, it also moves very fast up and down the Bristol Channel.

    Sea swimming sessions are about learning how to read the tides and swim here safely. You will be in a small group, and if the conditions are right, you may get to swim under Cleveon's iconic pier.

    £15 for 30-40 minutes

  • October to April

    Winter warriors

    Winter warriors is a fun winter swimming club all about the social and wellbeing aspects of winter swimming. Join us in the autumn to set yourself up for a winter of swimming. Ideal if this is your first winter, you want to swim under the watchful eye of a coach, or you want to find a group of like-minded people. The emphasis is on dipping for better health, and not distances or times.

    £5 a week or £20 a month


Great swim coach! Enthusiastic, knowledgable and knows how to tailor the session to your needs. Within an hour Row had given me loads to work on and within a week of putting it into practice I'm well on the way to being a competent sea swimmer.


Thanks for a fantastic coaching session Row. I'm now working on all that you taught me and gradually building on it to do more front crawl.

It has been over 20 years since I did this much crawl and you've helped me feel confident to get this far and improve my breathing massively.


Amazing! I'd totally recommend Row - I needed help with front crawl & could only flap about for 10 mtrs & can now complete a mile! Row helped me so much in just one 1:1 coaching session and I'm totally enjoying my swimming so much more.


Had my first open water coaching session at Clevedon Marine Lake with Row today. What a woman! Inspiring, positive, encouraging, informative and refreshingly ‘normal’ for want of a better word. Can’t wait for the next session.