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Swim outdoors


Outdoor swimming, open water or wild swimming = swimming or dipping in water that's open to the elements, unheated and untreated with chemicals.

Why do it?

Because of the long list of benefits for your health and wellbeing.



  • work with your fight-or-flight response to help your body get better at dealing with stress

  • take yourself out of your comfort zone

  • enjoy being in nature

  • bond with fellow swimmers

  • support your immune system

  • reduce inflammation

  • exercise all your body systems

  • exercise your brain

  • give your self-esteem a massive boost.

Where should I start?

The best time to start swimming outdoors is in the summer when the water is around 15 degrees Centigrade or warmer. The water will feel cold, but not so cold that it'll put you off.

You won't need much kit - just your usual swimwear and a towel. Start slowly, stay in your depth and take it easy. Go with someone else if you can. Groups like Mental Health Swims and the Bluetits Chill Swimmers are friendly, welcoming and free - a great place to start your outdoor swimming journey. You can also find local groups on Facebook.

For more tips, read my blog.

The thing about warm, late winter ☀️ is that it makes the water feel much colder when you
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