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Triatholon Swim
  • How do I choose and book a session?
    Look at the swim sessions section and decide what kind of coaching you want. Once you've decided, go to the booking page, select the type of session, click on a day and click on the time. Please note, you have to select the time even if that's the only one available for that day.
  • Why can't I book the session that I want?
    If the booking calendar is showing a date and time, then you can book it. If the date and/or time is faded or no time is showing, this could mean: 1. There's no session available at this time (I only work Mondays during term time) 2. The session is fully booked 3. You are trying to book too close to the start of the session (if there's less than 24 hours to go before the start time, email me -
  • How do I pay?
    You can pay using a credit or debit card when you book. I will also accept cash, card payments by the lake or BACS payments. Please transfer your payment in the 24-hours before your session or bring cash or card to lakeside. You will get my bank details in your confirmation email.
  • Can I cancel?
    You can cancel up to 48-hours before your session and get a full refund. If you cancel less than 48-hours before your session, you can rearrange the session for another date but not get a refund. If you book onto a course and have to miss a session, I will not offer a refund. I will only cancel if I am ill, have a family emergency, if there's a water quality issue, or if the weather conditions are really terrible. You can read my booking policy here: .
  • Do you run weekend sessions?
    No, sorry.
  • You don't have sessions at times that suit me.
    Please bear in mind that I work part-time around other jobs and my family. If you can't find a time and day that suits you, please email me and I'll see what I can do!
  • Can you accommodate my disability?
    Yes, absolutely. One of the things I love about swimming is that it's a great leveller. I can adapt the session for pretty much any disability or condition. I usually coach from the side of the lake, but I can also get in with you - please, just ask. A carer or supporter is also very welcome to join your session for no extra charge. For example, if you have a physical disability, I can coach you and your supporter about how best to assist you. Clevedon Marine Lake is pretty accessible and the charity that runs it is working on improving accessibility. Please email me to discuss how I can support you:
  • What if I can't swim front crawl?
    You can learn! But if you don't want to swim front crawl, you don't have to. The front crawl improver sessions are set up for front crawl swimmers only, but everything else is front crawl or breaststroke.
  • I have never swum outdoors before... when can I start?
    The best time to start swimming outdoors is when the water is 15 degrees centigrade or above. Between 10 and 15 degrees, your cold water shock reponse is extreme, so you should be very cautious. It is not a good idea to start when the temperature is in single figures. Please read my blog to find out more.
  • I'm nervous about swimming outdoors - can you help?
    Yes, absolutely. Fear of open water is very common and it's something that you can overcome with positive, gentle exposure. Book a one-to-one and add a note to say that you're nervous. I usually coach from the side of the lake, but I can also get in with you - please, just ask.
  • What temperature is the water?
    The water temperature in Clevedon Marine Lake generally tracks close to the air temperature, so it is very weather dependent. As a general guide, have a look at the chart below.
  • Where do I park for a sea swim?
    There is on-street parking along the sea front and on Copse Road. Please allow adequate time to find a parking space.
  • Are there big waves in the sea at Clevedon?
    If the wind is high, there may be big waves. If you are a nervous or weak swimmer, please let me know so that I can assess the conditions before our swim.
  • Can we swim under the pier?
    Yes. If the conditions allow it, we can swim under the pier.
  • Is the water in Clevedon Marine Lake deep?
    In places, yes. The water is deep in the corner closest to the sea and at the Salthouse end of the lake. The side by the model boat lake is very shallow, as is the end closest to the toddler splash pool. Please see the map below.
  • Are there changing facilities at Clevedon Marine Lake
    No. Please bring a large towel, dressing gown or change robe to change under.
  • Are there toilets at Clevedon Marine Lake?
    The nearest public toilets are a 300m walk from the lake and they cost 20p to use, so please bring 20p coins.
  • Will there be other people at Clevedon Marine Lake?
    Yes. Clevedon Marine Lake is open to the publics at all times.
  • Is the water in Clevedon Marine Lake clean?
    Yes, the water quality is usually rated excellent or good. We test the water quality throughout April to October and publish the results on Clevedon Marine Lake's website. I am a trustee for the charity that manages the lake, and I am part of the water quality testing team, so I am the first to know if the water quality drops below par. In this situation, I will let you know and postpone or cancel your session. Please be aware that this is a natural body of water, and you should always: wear goggles and earplugs wash or anti-bac your hands after swimming have a shower when you get home* *after winter swimming, wait 2-4 hours before having a warm shower.
  • Is there disabled access at Clevedon Marine Lake?
    Yes. There are six disabled parking bays in the Salthouse Fields carpark (pay and display). It is a 300m smooth tarmac path to the lake, but it does include two slopes. Access to the water is by wide, metal steps with handrails on both sides.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    No. No dogs are allowed at the lake at any time. This is because of risks to public health and water quality.
  • Can I bring spectators?
    Yes. The lake is open to the public at all times. Please don't bring any unaccompanied children, though, as we won't be able to keep an eye on them.
  • How long is a session?
    The length of each session is stated on the booking page. This does not mean that you'll be in the water for the whole time. How long you stay in the water depends on the temperature and conditions. Remember that you're paying for my expertise and for me to keep you safe and that your session will include time out of the water briefing and debriefing.
  • Will you cancel if it's raining?
    I don't usually cancel if it's due to rain - only if there's a weather warning for heavy rain or high winds of there's thunder and lightning. However, if it's due to rain and you feel that this will mean that you won't enjoy the session, I'm happy to reschedule it. Please email me row@outdoorswimcoach,com Please see my booking and cancellation policy.
  • What if I'm ill?
    Being ill can negatively affect your ability to cope with the cold and your enjoyment, so I'm happy to cancel your session if you're unwell. The more notice the better. But, if you wake up feeling grotty on the morning of your session, just drop me an email - and I will reschedule it.
  • Do I need a swim hat?
    Yes. You must wear a swim hat for four reasons: It keeps your head warm and your core temperature It makes you visible to other lake users It keeps your hair out of your face It makes you more streamlined Your hat should be a tight-fitting silicone swim cap as pictured below. If you are swimming heads-up breaststroke and don't plan on swimming with your face in the water, you may wear a bobble hat or any other hat of your liking.
  • Do I need a wetsuit?
    You don't have to wear a wetsuit, it is entirely up to you. Wear a wetsuit if: it would make you more comfortable you are training for an event where you have to wear one Please only wear a proper swimming wetsuit -- you can't swim in a all-purpose or water sports wetsuit. For more information on choosing a wetsuit, please read my blog.
  • Do I need a tow float?
    You don't need a tow float to swim in Clevedon Marine Lake because it's small and you can touch the bottom most of the time. You do need a tow float for sea swims, but I do have spares that you can borrow - please ask.
  • Do you coach in the winter?
    I currently only coach from April to October.
  • I have a medical condition... can I swim in the winter?
    Please consult your medical team about any health condition. Cold water swimming is a highly risky activity and while it's thought to help some conditions, there is no medical research into the way cold water immersion affects different conditions.
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