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Lake at Dusk

It's all in the prep

One of the great things about swimming outdoors is it's free. You don't need any special kit -- in fact, if you're discreet you don't need any kit at all! But preparation is everything, and that means arriving knowing your swim spot and with everything you need to warm up afterwards. 


Here are some tips:

  • Know your venue: be aware of nuances like currents, tides and entry/exit points

  • Have an idea of the temperature: be aware of how cold the water is and use it to guide you

  • Don't swim alone: make sure you have a swim buddy or somebody to spot from the side

  • Don't stay in for too long

  • Take warming up seriously: have extra layers and a warm drink for afterwards

Here's a handy kit list to download

But remember, you don't have to buy new stuff -- you can improvise with what you've got.



Outdoor swimming inspired apparel

Looking for post-swim layers? I design and sell a range of t-shirts and hoodies custom printed on super-soft organic cotton in a carbon-neutral factory.  

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