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Paddling in the Sea

Every Body health and wellbeing coaching

Lots of people look up outdoor swimming as a positive step towards better health and wellbeing. This is a good move because it has so many benefits. As a qualified health and wellbeing coach, I can help you look at the bigger picture. You might want help setting goals, coping with a diagnosis or stage of life, or improving your overall wellness.

Better movement

Are you thinking about improving your strength and fitness? Starting where you are, I can help you set yourself realistic goals and work towards them.

More time

Taking time out for yourself can be hard. I can help you work out what you need to give yourself for better health and wellness in all aspects of your life.

How it works

Health and wellbeing coaching works over a number of sessions. After our initial call, we'll work in blocks of six sessions over Zoom or face-to-face. 

Body confidence

Outdoor swimming is fantastic for your body confidence. If you've been stuck on a dieting treadmill and feel worried about wearing swimwear in public, I can help.

Working together

Whatever you want for your health, I help you move towards it. Coaching is about setting goals and empowering you for better wellbeing.

Get in touch

Start by sending me an email using the contact form below. We'll then have a free 15 min call and go from there.



Body Confidence Course

Do you dread putting on revealing clothes? Do you wish you had the confidence to do whatever you wanted to do without feeling bad about how you look? This 8-week body confidence course is about:

  • finding joy in being you

  • feeling happy in your own skin

  • appreciating your body for what it can do

  • building self-esteem

  • making better choices for your health whatever your size

  • feeling confident in a swimming costume

  • ditching diet culture

  • changing your mindset

  • busting myths about health and size

  • empowering you to enjoy life a bit more

Confident Curvy Woman

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Free consulatation email

Find out how health and wellbeing coaching can help you.


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