What people say


Amazing! I'd totally recommend Row - I needed help with front crawl & could only flap about for 10 mtrs & can now complete a mile! Row helped me so much in just one 1:1 coaching session and I'm totally enjoying my swimming so much more 


Great swim coach! Enthusiastic, knowledgable and knows how to tailor the session to your needs. Within an hour Row had given me loads to work on and within a week of putting it into practice I'm well on the way to being a competent sea swimmer.


Thanks for a fantastic coaching session Row. I'm now working on all that you taught me and gradually building on it to do more front crawl.

It has been over 20 years since I did this much crawl and you've helped me feel confident to get this far and improve my breathing massively.


I had my first swimming lesson with Row last week and within a few minutes I was swimming better after months of making little progress.

She's very good at making you feel at ease and going at your pace. She communicates in such a way that makes things stick and adapts to your way of learning.

I would highly recommend Row to anyone looking to rapidly improve their swimming.


From someone who thought there stroke was ok, well what a transformation.. feel more efficient now with plenty left in the tank for overtaking.. thanks Row.. an amazing coaching session. worth every penny and see you next week for more of the same.


Had my first open water coaching session at Clevedon Marine Lake with Row today. What a woman! Inspiring, positive, encouraging, informative and refreshingly ‘normal’ for want of a better word. Can’t wait for the next session.