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Lake in winter

Winter swimming

The thrills

Cold water is an amazing therapy.

Dipping or swimming in cold water is good for mental health conditions like stress, anxiety, depression, overwhelm and PTSD. Many people also find it helps physical and neurological conditions like joint pain, ADHD and menopause.

It's also thrilling and exciting, which makes you feel brave and improves you confidence and self-esteem.


The chills

Cold water is also an extreme sport.


It doesn't look like it when you see middle-aged women in bobble hats swimming in January, but it is.

It puts a huge strain on your heart and blood-pressure, exposes you to cold incapacitation and cold water shock, and you run the risk of hypothermia.


That's why it's best to start with a coach or experienced winter swimmer. 


Winter warriors

The ultimate winter swimming club, Winter Warriors will give you your weekly fix of cold.

You'll join the same group each week for a coached session. It starts with a lakeside warm-up, then an icy dip, and then a debrief.

You'll get:

  • tips for safe winter swimming

  • advice on technique

  • advice on kit

  • camaraderie from a group

  • personalised advice as needed

  • safety, recovery and first aid support



You can join a taster session, book a winter taster one-to-one or a winter swimming private group for you and a couple of friends.

These sessions will give you all the information you need to embark on a winter of swimming


If you have a winter swimming competition or challenge coming up - for example, a winter swimming championship or ice mile, I can support your training.

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