How can swimming in ice-cold water be good for you, and how can you do it safely? This webcast is for anyone who wants to find out more about winter swimming, its many benefits and how to do it safely. It includes: 
1. Why swim in winter? Discussing the benefits with Rachel from Mental Health Swims.
2. The art of acclimatisation with Dr. Heather Massey
3. Finding your people
4. Staying safe
5. Challenges and extremes with Ice-Miler Cath Pendleton


This download includes a transcript for those who are hearing impaired. Your purchase includes a 25% donation to the mental health charity, Mind.


About the speakers
Rowan Clarke will be hosting the webinar: "Coming into my fifth winter as a swimmer and third as a coach, I'm an experienced guide and writer about all things winter swimming."

Rachel runs a community venture called Mental Health Swims that hosts meet-ups all year all across the UK with an emphasis on dips, not distances, community not competition. "I started these swims because struggling with your mental health is enough of a barrier."

Cath was the first Welsh woman to complete an ice mile, which is a mile-long swim in water below 5 degrees centigrade. Last year she swam an Arctic ice-mile, and she has also swum the Channel.

Heather is a professor at the University of Portsmouth's Extreme Environments lab and has led studies into acclimatisaion and the effect of cold water on the body.

Winter swimming webcast

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    Run time: 1hr 39mins
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