Too ill to swim?

Once you're hooked on cold water swimming, it's hard to judge when you're not fit to swim. On top of that, comments from non-swimmers suggesting your winter swims caused the cold are just annoying. So what's truth about the cold water and the common cold?

Coughs and sneezes

Coughs and sneezes spread diseases and colds are viruses caught from humans and not from being in the cold. But old wives tales about catching a chill, or catching your death are still rife today. Why is this? Is there any truth behind the adages?

Starting with the facts, firstly colds and 'flu are caused by germs not by the cold. And secondly, cases of these infectious diseases peak when the weather's cold. The reasons why are complex, and research is conflicting. But it seems that the crux is that in colder weather, people tend to spend more time indoors together thus spreading germs more easily and immune systems are generally lower because of changes in temperature and less sunlight.