Staying swim fit on dry land

If you've been working on your swimming fitness and technique, you may be worried about the physical impact of time out of the pool and lake. How can you work on your swim fitness from home?

Variety makes you stronger

Research shows that adding variety to your training routine improves your fitness. This is mainly because your body adapts to the stresses you put on it and your progress plateaus. It's also because it carries a lower risk of injury from repeating the same movements. Plus, you'll find extra benefits such as improved body composition and fitness levels, better flexibility and agility and stronger bones and joints.

This research has changed the way budding young athletes train by encouraging them to try more sports rather than focus on one. Research has also found that rest is a crucial part of training; Rugby Union clubs, for example, add more rest than they used to and yet their players are fitter and stronger than ever before. Triple jump world record holder, Jonathan Edwards, put his extraordinary 1995 record-breaking jump down to a number of factors including a forced break the year before while he recovered from an illness.