Spring: the most dangerous swim time

The weather's unseasonably warm, but the water is still winter-cold. While swimming in the sun is a treat to be sure, extra caution is needed. This is when most people get into trouble.

Outdoor swimming, especially winter swimming is wonderful. It's benefits for mind, body and spirit are there to be reaped by anyone and everyone with very few exceptions. For the most part, anyone can start swimming outdoors at almost any time of the year providing they take a few precautions. And those precautions are particularly important in the spring.

Spring time swim time

The weather warms up as our part of the earth rotates so that it's tilting closer to the sun. Being a tiny island our weather is variable as it's at the mercy of the wind direction. In a state of climate chaos, as we undoubtedly are, the weather's unpredictable to say the least. Where we were in the grips of the beast from the east last year, this year, we've got a heat wave.

In a way, swimming during snow storms is safer. When it's freezing outside, only hardy winter swimmers would even contemplate a dip. And those who do max out their dip time at a couple of breath-snatching minutes.