Why swim outdoors?

What is open water swimming and why do it?

Open water swimming, also called outdoor or wild swimming, means swimming in a natural or human-made body of water that's open to the elements, unheated and untreated with chemicals. It can be a lake, sea, tidal pool, river, stream, tarn or loch.

As well as the benefitting your fitness, coordination and strength, swimming in open water is good for your mental well-being, mood, regulating sleep and appetite. It's joyful, uplifting and wonderful for your self-esteem.

It's also a great leveller. You don't have to be an athlete to enjoy the benefits of swimming outdoors. Young, old, big, small, able-bodied or not, it really is an activity for all.


Whatever you want from your swim, one-to-one coaching is the best way to get it. You may be new to outdoor swimming, you may want to improve your stroke, speed or endurance. Your goals are my goals, and we'll work together to reach them.

30 minute one-to-one £30

45 minute one-to-one £40

Small private group £60

Winter Warriors

Find out how regular dips in cold water can help combat stress, fatigue, depression, anxiety, seasonal affective disorder and auto-immune conditions.
Learn acclimatisation techniques and cold water swimming skills, meet like-minded people and feel great!


Clevedon Marine Lake

October to April, Fridays at 10am

Taster sessions

Outdoor swimming - what's all the fuss about? Can I do it? Will it really make me feel better? Find out how to swim in outdoors safely and how it can benefit you with an introductory session.



Wellbeing, fitness and open water swimming skills for improver swimmers wanting a holistic fitness group. We start with lakeside exercise that informs our practice in the water.

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What sessions can you do?


Great swim coach! Enthusiastic, knowledgable and knows how to tailor the session to your needs. Within an hour Row had given me loads to work on and within a week of putting it into practice I'm well on the way to being a competent sea swimmer.


Thanks for a fantastic coaching session Row. I'm now working on all that you taught me and gradually building on it to do more front crawl.

It has been over 20 years since I did this much crawl and you've helped me feel confident to get this far and improve my breathing massively.


Amazing! I'd totally recommend Row - I needed help with front crawl & could only flap about for 10 mtrs & can now complete a mile! Row helped me so much in just one 1:1 coaching session and I'm totally enjoying my swimming so much more.


Had my first open water coaching session at Clevedon Marine Lake with Row today. What a woman! Inspiring, positive, encouraging, informative and refreshingly ‘normal’ for want of a better word. Can’t wait for the next session.


Sea swims

Clevedon has a formidable current and one of the highest tidal ranges in the world. Find out how to swim here safely and see Clevedon's iconic Grade I listed pier from a new angle. Or follow the Long Swim's legendary route from Layde Bay to Clevedon beach.

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Disabled sessions

Being in water is weight-bearing and therapeutic. As a swimmer or dipper with a disability, neurological or sensory condition, you can choose between a regular one-to-one or a supported session for you and your carer.

Clevedon Marine Lake

October to April, Monday and Fridays at 10am

Private groups

Training is more fun with friends! If you're swimming an event together, have a shared challenge or goal such as learning to swim front crawl together, you can book a small private group session.

Private group £60

Children and families

Swimming and outdoor safety is such an important life skill! It's also more fun and interesting than pool swimming.

Teenagers can take private coached sessions, and under 12s can join family sessions.

One-to-one for 12+ £30

Family session for up to eight people* £50

*Safety ratios:

1 adult per 1 child under 8 years old/non-swimmers

1 adult per 2 children aged

8 to 12