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Getting ready to spring back into action!

Coached sessions will start again in April and I can't wait. Until then, please look after yourselves and swim safe. Sending strength and positivity to everyone.

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Range of coached sessions for novices to experts, from technique to wellbeing


Clevedon Marine Lake

Unique, safe tidal pool perfect for beginners and training. Good accessibility for disabled swimmers. Open 24/7.

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Your coach

I'm Rowan. Find out how I can work with you to be the outdoor swimming coach you want and need.

Better outdoors

Outdoor swimming, open water swimming, wild swimming... Whatever you call swimming outdoors in the sea, a lake, loch, stream, river or tarn, you may find it life-changing. That sounds dramatic, but it is true that swimming outdoors has changed people's lives. Why? Because it is uniquely wonderful for your wellbeing. It makes you stronger and fitter and has huge benefits for your mental health.

Better technique

You'll find swimming in the sea, lake, river or loch is more enjoyable and safer when you are confident and comfortable. Learn how to calm your breathing, improve your front crawl or breaststroke, learn freestyle and open water swimming skills like sighting. Train for open water swimming events or improve your technique for smooth and stress-free swimming.

Better coaching 

I'm passionate about swimming outdoors for better physical and mental health. I coach by working with you to reach your goals. Whether you want to relax more, learn about tides and currents, swim a bit further, a bit faster or acclimatise to winter swimming, we can get there together. 


Sea swims

Learn how to read the tides at Clevedon, swim under the iconic pier or follow the Long Swim route.

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Winter swimming

Year-around coaching in all seasons. Learn how to acclimatise to get the benefits of winter swimming.


Your new sport

It doesn't matter how old you are, what you look like or how able-bodied you are. It doesn't matter how fit you are or how good at swimming.