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outdoor swim coach
the joy of swimming outdoors


Bookone-to-one to help reach your personal goal. Confidence, better technique, smoother swimming, learn to swim outdoors, improve your health and wellbeing or just to try something new.

Groups and tasters

Join a group to learn more about open water swimming. Join a taster to discover the joy of outdoor swimming in a safe way. Or join a front crawl improvers group, or learn front crawl.


I run wellbeing and open water swimming courses that cover everything from improving your stroke and training for an event to learning how to do front crawl and improving your health and confidence.

Swim wild,

Swim outdoors

Open water swimming, wild swimming, outdoor swimming... call it what you want, but swimming in natural untreated water has many benefits for your health and wellbeing. It's good for your fitness, strength and coordination, improves your mental health and resilience, and is a fun, sociable way to move more and enjoy the great outdoors.


Swim smoother

Join a coached session or book a one-to-one to improve your swimming technique.


Feel calmer

Discover the mental health and wellbeing benefits of swimming outdoors.


Boss winter

Brave the colder water and discover the thrill of the chill as you swim through winter.


Explore further

Learn how to read water and improve your technique for distance swims and adventures.

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Make friends

Join a group to meet like-minded people and enjoy swimming outdoors together.


Live better

Feel more confident in yourself and your body. Push out of your comfort zone and try something new.

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